Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Literary Review #5

Citation: Gianoutsos, Dan, Dr., and Vicki Rosser, Dr. "Is There Still a Considerable Difference? Comparing Residential and Commuter Student Profile Characteristics at a Public, Research, Commuter University." "" by Gianoutsos, D.; Rosser, Vicki. College Student Journal, Dec. 2014. Web. 01 Dec. 2015.

Summary: The purpose of this article is comparing the student profile characteristics between residential students and commuter students at a public, research commuter university.  Using status attainment as the framework, researchers classified differences between residential students and commuter students.  Background information such as parents educational status, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity determined whether or not a child commutes to school or lives on campus. 

Author(s): Dr. Dan Gianoutsos and Dr. Vicki Rosser

Key Terms: academic achievement, college enrollment, educational aspects

Quotes: "Yet, higher education literature suggests that the two student groups possess inherent differences that stretch beyond their living location. In general, commuter students are a more heterogeneous population who are viewed, although somewhat less as research progresses, as being "disadvantaged" to residential students because they lack the opportunities offered by the residential hall experience"

Value:  This article shows that background determines whether or not you will live on campus or commute.  More research is needed to finish this study, however it is important to learn all characteristics that show the framework for commuting and residental students. 

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